1er article : le gilet de portage

Pour mon premier article, je souhaite vous présenter la philosophie de Doudou Cannelle : s’occuper de son enfant en toute circonstance, se déplacer avec lui facilement tout en restant proche de lui.
Je vous présente Carlee Benear (@carleebyoga). Sur l’une de ses vidéos, elle nous montre comment elle utilise son gilet long comme écharpe de portage !

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✨Full hands this morning and washing my wrap I was in a bind. Wearing my @lularoebridgetpugh Sarah, I got an idea 💡 Inspired by all the wrap 'How To" videos I've been watching lately I started tugging and a @lularoe wrap was born✨ No, it's not "proper", please continue holding your proper posture all day 👌🏻, keeping your baby happy is never wrong. Keeping yourself happy in never wrong either. You as a mother do what you need to do 👌🏻Can you believe someone actually told me that thousands of babies were going to die because of me? Like, really? These are MOTHERS of small children, and I'm the threat to society…because I made use of what I had ,and I quote " ..in a bind." We spend so much of our time bringing mothers down, go look in the mirror and tell yourself something nice for once. You are a good mother. Im sorry that there are people in your life who make you feel you aren't, but I wish you (your true best friend) wouldn't doubt yourself so much either. (Continued in the comments 👇🏼👇🏼)

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Cela parait simple et pratique.
Bref, à son image, les parents Doudou Cannelle restent libre et astucieux !

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